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Twyla couldn’t help but laugh at that. Then she shook her head and pouted as well. “I really didn’t mean to scare you. Just so you know.”

"I know! I hate it when I jump a foot high, though. It’s the wing power plus my really good jumping skills and it ends up really high. Scare me more it turns to 2 feet high!" She handed her the coke.

"When ever I get scared, which is rare, I would honestly just hide in a shadow so I don’t know much about jumping or flying." She said truthfully then shrugging.

She shrugged and sipped her Pepsi.

"So weird question but how is it like? To be the sand man’s daughter?" Twyla asked simply then taking a sip of her Coke.

"Well, after 14,000 years you get used to him using shapes." She said. "And whenever he wants you, he barges into your room! Annoying as heck!"

Twyla laughed at that. “I know the feeling my dad just randomly appears from time to time. Sure he knocks on my door or what ever but it’s not like he ever gives me the time to answer.” Twyla said still slightly giggling. Then paused. “Wait how come you can talk? And like your father not?”

"I dunno really." The girl shrugged.



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